Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lily Pond Encaustic on Panel

Encaustic on Panel, Framed
(3) 8"x10", (3)10"x12" framed

To purchase this beautiful abstract art, please visit my Etsy Store.

If you're in Texas, make sure to stay dry! I'm not worried about TS Edouard simply because we are so far inland, but there could be some wind and tornado issues. Nothing worth evacuating for since we are in the 500 year flood plain. Thankfully we will be getting some rain, it has been so dry here. Seems like the only time we get rain is when one of these tropical storms or hurricanes come through.

BS Art Studio website is FINALLY finished. I am so excited about how it turned out. Of course there are some small things to tweak, but all in all it looks pretty awesome. I think I still want to have a page of links, and another page about encaustic, but for right now, it looks pretty good, so I am excited! Take a gander at that site here: www.bsartstudios.com

I've very much been enjoying doing this blog, but I've also been wanting to explore other aspects of being an artist and being a part of the Etsy community. So, I've started a second blog, on my BS Art Studio website, and it's called Sail Away. I'm using this blog to focus on promoting fellow Etsy members, and to also educate both sellers and buyers about handmade items. Many people believe that because something is handmade, you shouldn't have to pay much for the item. I would like to show buyers the thought process behind pricing and why it is better to buy handmade items rather than something mass produced in a sweatshop in a third-world country. In any case, this is going to be fun!

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