Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tempest Encaustic on Panel

Encaustic on Panel, Framed
(3) 8"x10", (3) 10"x12" framed

To purchase this piece, please visit my Etsy Store.

Sorry for the lack of posts this month. It isn't that I have been remiss in posting, rather, this big, bad hurricane named Ike decided to make its way through Houston. We're 70 miles inland, and we lost power on the 13th. Today is the first day that we have actually had it back. So, I apologize for not being more current and up-to-date. Also, because of the lack of power, I haven't been able to produce any work. Encaustic requires power for your hot plate or heat gun. So I will be doing a lot, and will be posting lots of new work! Hope you all are doing well, and I'm definitely glad to be back.

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