Monday, January 14, 2008

Getting Serious about Art

Okay, its time to quite playing around with this art stuff. I just sent out emails to all of the job placement companies asking to be taken off of their lists. So now, it is time to make it or break it, so to speak. I've gotten great comments from the art community in general about my work, so now I need to get to it and start making a living off of it.

One thing that is incredibly encouraging about art: there are SO many ways to make a living from it. Take, for example, workshops. Say you have 5 per year, with 10 students, at $500 per person. That alone is $25,000 in revenue. Note that the revenue is before you have ever sold your first painting for a year. So once you can hang in there and get yourself established, the possibilities are endless.

I'm starting my marketing plan soon, and once it is completed, I will post it up here as my goals. I'm making a very concerted effort to ensure that my career takes hold and really can support me. I am very optimistic, but it will be hard work. But if I succeed, the work is more than worth it.

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