Monday, March 10, 2008

Green Envy I

Encaustic on Panel, Framed
8" x 10"
$100 + 9.95 S&H

To purchase this work, please Email Me, or click the button below:

I'm not going to lie, greens are so difficult to work with. This piece turned out much more Kelly Green than I intended, but I still had fun with it. As with the red pieces I did (pure passion), I think I need to have a few different colors in my palette to get the greens that I truly want. The color that I am most lacking (or rather, missing the most at the moment), is Cadmium Yellow Light. The Cadmium Yellow Medium made the greens much higher chroma than I intended, then white just made them more pastel. Nevertheless, the next two days postings will be green. Much fun was had by myself, regardless. Cheers, and Happy St. Patty's Day (if a bit early!)

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