Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ack! Time Flies when you're having Fun

Whew! It has been almost two months since my last post - Bad Shelby.

The review board from contacted me, and gave me a good slap on the wrist regarding not posting in two months. Very much my oops.

I have been focusing so much on building my business on Etsy and networking there, as well as my gallery work that I have no paid as much attention to this blog. I have viewed it as a pleasure to write rather than its very important second aspect: another tool as an artist to build my business and a following. Now that I have been reminded that a blog is part of the business aspect of all of this, I will definitely be more disciplined in updating. And I truly feel that if I were to be a part of the community on dailypainters, this blog would very much become a business, and I would be as disciplined as I have been on Etsy. I do paint for the pure joy of it all, but we have to make a living somehow!

But, on the good side, only two months out of the gate at Etsy, and I have sold 12 paintings! So much more incredible than I could have ever imagined.

Also to come this fall: I'm starting to work festivals and art markets!

So to recap, here is what I have been doing the past two months:
As of April 7th, started a fun company on Etsy: BS Art Studio
May 5th-25th: Two weeks in Spain and Italy - pictures to come!
Now: Catching up from two weeks away, getting ready for the wedding on June 27th!

I have no excuses, as I have been posting my Etsy listings every day, I should definitely be also posting here. Well, needless to say, here is one of my newest works, and I hope to join the daily painters community despite my short respite from this all:

20" x 40"
Acrylic on Canvas
$ 200

Available here on Etsy.

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