Monday, June 9, 2008

Return to Me Abstract Expressionist Painting

Happy Monday!
Return to Me
Original Acrylic on Canvas with Texture
24" x 36"

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I love this huge painting. Plus, because it is such amazing shades of yellow, it would look absolutely gorgeous on a blue wall (like in the picture) The picture above really does not do the painting justice as every time you look at the painting up close, there are so many layers of color. Love it! Here is a picture of the detail:

I had so much fun with this painting. I am finally figuring out how to translate the techniques I have been using in my oils to acrylics. As much as I love oil, there are just so many advantages to using acrylics. Still, nothing can beat the luminosity and beauty of oil colors. I felt like I was finally hitting my groove. Today and tomorrow I am just trying to get as many pieces done as possible in order to get more inventory in the store before I leave for the wedding.

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