Saturday, June 2, 2007

Long time

I have been seriously remiss in updating this blog. Part of this has been due to events of life, the other part largely due to the fact that I currently have no digital camera to speak of, so I cannot post any of my work in progress. A little hard to post blogs about how to do things in art without being able to show some sort of visual. Funny how that works, eh?

Work is going quite well, to say the least. I am finally beginning to make some sales - and some commission. At the same time business in general is beginning to pick up, so now I do not feel like if I don't make a sale the company will go under. Looking like we will make it through the summer, and hell, it may even be pretty lucrative.

Just plugging away with it all. I'll have a more art-detailed update later today most likely. In the meantime, its off to shower and get ready for one of the many weddings we'll be attending this season.

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