Tuesday, June 5, 2007


My new art class, much to my dismay, is an acrylic class. I am excited about it being abstract, but I had really set my hopes on it being an oil class. From what I understand though, most classes aren't anymore, mostly because oil takes so long to do anything with. For some reason I am in love with the medium. I don't know quite exactly why, but I am. I love the smell of it, I love the way that it can be manipulated and almost sculpted. Acrylics can do the same things, with mediums, but I like how oil is that way in its natural state. In any case, because this class was in acrylics, I wound up spending another $200 on supplies in addition to the $300-$400 that I just spent (by the end of it all) on my oil class. A little frustrating, to say the least, but what can you do? I have evidently chosen a very expensive hobby. Oil paints are mucho expensive, and this abstract instructor gave a list of about 30 different acrylic colors. Honestly, I KNOW those colors can be mixed from some combination of other colors. But, I figured that I would at least follow it for the beginning and return whatever paints I was sure we wouldn't be using. Sort of like college with the bookstore. Easier to get the books and return them later than to chance the store being out of a copy of what I need.

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